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131 million days
were lost due to
sickness absences
in the UK 2013

There’s no doubt that there’s a correlation between your employees’ health and their ability to get the job done.

Increasingly, companies are investing in corporate wellness programs as a way to promote the heath of their employees, and their business.

An Employee Wellness Center Offers Healthy Opportunities at Work

More frequently today, companies are developing on-site employee wellness centres that give their employees access to nutritional and health information, tips on smoking cessation, ideas for weight management and weight loss, exercise equipment and tools to help them monitor their health and their health goals. Businesses are finding that investing in corporate health and wellness programs increases value for employees and for the company.

Workplace Wellness is Good for Employees

A typical workplace wellness program is more than just a few treadmills or strength training machines. Instead, it seeks to facilitate both exercise activities and nutritional information. If the centre contains a biometric monitoring machine or health and wellness Kiosk, then having access to a workplace wellness center also means that employee can monitor common health concerns like blood pressure, weight, height and body mass index (BMI) without having to take time off from work or squeeze in appointments during their lunch hour.

Monitoring this biometric data allows both employees and employers to track the success of the corporate wellness program and provide hard data around success metrics. Employee wellness programs also offer a perk above and beyond standard salary and benefits, leading to greater job satisfaction.

Workplace Wellness is also Good for the Company

Companies that practice active workplace wellness initiatives are showing employees that they care about their health and general wellbeing. Healthier employees take fewer sick days, which leads to increased productivity. Additionally, healthy employees need fewer doctors visits, which results in lower medical costs for the employee and lower insurance rates for the company. Most data also suggests that healthy, fit employees have more energy and are generally more productive on the job.